Monday, February 12, 2007

Buying Cars from Government Auctions

Buying Cars from Government Auctions
How many of you would like to own a fancy car, but don't quite have the money to do so? Like many of us, purchasing a car is a big deal that usually leaves a huge dent in our wallets. I for one have always settled for a mediocre vehicle just so that I would not have a car payment. That is all fine and dandy, but sometimes driving a nice car makes you feel important, or better yet, accomplished!
There are several options you may choose if you are determined to drive a high class vehicle. One option ofcourse, is to save up a huge down payment and make payments for several years down the road. This is never a good option, because a vehicle depreciates the moment you drive it off the lot. Another option, which few people utilize is Government auctions. The local, state, and Federal governments often will hold auctions for seized vehicles. This includes almost all law enforcement agencies as well, which are usually old fleet vehicles (many with high milage). However, many of the seized vehicles were obtained by the owners from illegal activities.
I personally like the idea of purchasing seized vehicles, but you have to be careful too. You should always run the VIN number (vehicle identification number) usually located on the dashboard. Many places online can help you with this such as You can get to the auction site a day or so early to do this. Also, make sure you bring a mechanic with you to do a quick look over. Overall, you can get an amazing deal on a newer model car through these auctions, and many of them will be in near mint condition. It definitely takes patience, and a little bit of homework, but if you do these things, you will definitely come out on top! Online services can make this process a whole lot easier, and are definitely worth using! They can save you thousands of dollars. Good luck on your search for that new automobile!
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